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MLDB.ai and Infra.ai join ElementAI

MLDB is proud to have been acquired by ElementAI to build upon the innovative work already being conducted on behalf of our many clients. Joining forces with ElementAI will enable us to bring even more experience and expertise to our current projects and we look forward to the next chapter of world-changing innovation.

For more information about our journey forward, you can check out the blog post from MLDB CEO Jeremy Barnes.

Welcome to infra.ai

We are a software company specialied in artificial intelligence and machine learning. We provide a series of tools to provide real-time situational awareness of the physical world, including Infrastructure View that is currently in closed beta. It is built on our open-source machine learning platform: MLDB, the Machine Learning Database.

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Smart Cities

Stuck in traffic, driving on crumbling infrastructure? Our cities aren't smart. We can help.

Utility Companies

Utilities have billions of dollars of equipment and infrastructure deployed in the field. A lot of work related to maintenance, like inspections, is still being done manually. We can help monitor and predict when maintenance will be required, ahead of time.

How it works

Low-cost real-time data collection & AI compression

We dramatically reduce the cost of data acquisition, by about 20x, by using cost-efficient sensors. This allows us to collect data more frequently to make it operationally useful. We also use state of the art AI algorithms to compress the data streams on the collection nodes.

Wireless transmission

By moving some of the computation on the edge node and using AI-powered compression and transformations, we able to compress real time data feeds. This makes it possible to transmit the data in real-time over cellular or WiFi networks. This removes the necessity to have large storage capacity on the collection nodes as well as drastically reducing the required time to bring the data to a centralized server for analysis.

Indexing and recognition with deep learning

Using the latest Deep Learning models and techniques, we are able to identify and index objects and patterns that matter to our customers. This truly unlocks the value hidden in the data.

Our DeepTeach™ System

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Through pilot projects with Beta partners, we've identified many
use-cases to which our unique technology can be applied.
Project Example

Real-time traffic identification and counting

Using existing traffic cameras, determine composition and patterns of traffic as well as incidents.
Project Example

Real-time detection of parking space usage

Instead of installing specialized equipment, use the existing traffic camera infrastructure to determine space usage.
Project Example

Change detection in infrastructure

Receive warnings as soon as critical infrastructure behaves in an abnormal way.
Project Example

Low point modelling to predict areas at risk of floods

Using 3d Lidar scans of urban areas, model water flow and accumulation zones to detect areas at risk of flooding nearby buildings in case of an extreme weather event.
Project Example

Automate inspections

Increase efficiency and accuracy of inspections by using on-board sensors or drive-by scans to determine which piece of equipment requires a human inspection.
Project Example

Predictive maintenance

Using industrial IoT sensors, predict the likelihood of equipment failure before it occurs, preventing unplanned downtime.

Contact Us

We love to hear from you. Drop us a line at info@infra.ai.
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